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[pee-el-wuhn] /ˈpiˌɛlˈwʌn/

Computers. a high-level programming language that is designed for solving problems in science and engineering as well as in business data processing.
programming language 1: a high-level computer programming language designed for mathematical and scientific purposes
Programming Language 1


Read Also:

  • Pl360

    Structured assembly language for the IBM 360 and IBM 370, with a few high-level constructs. Syntactically it resembles ALGOL 60. Its grammar is defined entirely by operator precedence. [“PL/360, A Programming Language for the 360 Computers”, N. Wirth, J ACM 15(1):37-74 (Jan 1968)]. (1995-01-05)

  • Pl-11

    language A high-level machine-oriented language for the PDP-11 developed by R.D. Russell of CERN in Nov 1971. It is similar to PL360 and is written in Fortran IV and cross-compiled on other machines. (1995-01-05)

  • Pl-6

    language A PL/I-like system language for the Honeywell operating system, CP-6. (1995-01-05)

  • Pl516

    An ALGOL-like assembly language for the DDP-516, similar to PL360. [“PL 516, An ALGOL-like Assembly Language for the DDP-516”, B.A. Wichmann, Natl Phys Lab UK, Report CCU 9, 1970]. (1995-01-05)

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