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[pley-akt] /ˈpleɪˌækt/

verb (used without object)
to engage in make-believe.
to be insincere or affected in speech, manner, etc.:
It’s hard to get away with playacting with members of one’s own family.
to perform in a play.
verb (used with object)
to dramatize (something):
They playacted the movements of a burglar.


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    [pley-ak-shuh n] /ˈpleɪˌæk ʃən/ noun, Football. 1. a pass play designed to deceive the defense by appearing to be a running play, in which the quarterback fakes a hand-off to a back before throwing a forward pass.

  • Play-agent

    noun 1. a broker representing a playwright in dealings with theater managers, producers, etc.

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