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(genetics) the condition of a gene of affecting more than one characteristic of the phenotype

pleiotropism plei·ot·ro·pism (plī-ŏt’rə-pĭz’əm) or plei·ot·ro·py (-pē)
The control by a single gene of several distinct and seemingly unrelated phenotypic effects.
plei’o·trop’ic (plī’ə-trŏp’ĭk, -trō’pĭk) adj.


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    [plahy-o-truh-pee] /plaɪˈɒ trə pi/ noun, Genetics. 1. the phenomenon of one gene being responsible for or affecting more than one phenotypic characteristic. n. 1921, from German pleiotrop (1910), from Greek pleion “greater in quantity, the more part, very many,” (see pleio-) + trope “turn, turning” (see trope). Related: Pleiotropic; pleiotropism.

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