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[plinth] /plɪnθ/

noun, Architecture.
a slablike member beneath the base of a column or pier.
a square base or a lower block, as of a pedestal.
Also called plinth course. a projecting course of stones at the base of a wall; earth table.
(in joinery) a flat member at the bottom of an architrave, dado, baseboard, or the like.
Also called socle. the rectangular slab or block that forms the lowest part of the base of a column, statue, pedestal, or pier
Also called plinth course. the lowest part of the wall of a building that appears above ground level, esp one that is formed of a course of stone or brick
a flat block on either side of a doorframe, where the architrave meets the skirting
a flat base on which a structure or piece of equipment is placed

1610s, from French plinthe (16c.) and directly from Latin plinthus, from Greek plinthos “brick, squared stone,” cognate with Old English flint (see flint).


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