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Point bar

point bar
A low, curved ridge of sand and gravel along the inner bank of a meandering stream. Point bars form through the slow accumulation of sediment deposited by the stream when its velocity drops along the inner bank.


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  • Point-bearing pile

    [point-bair-ing] /ˈpɔɪntˌbɛər ɪŋ/ noun, Engineering, Building Trades. 1. a pile depending on the soil or rock beneath its foot for support.

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    [point-blangk] /ˈpɔɪntˈblæŋk/ adjective 1. aimed or fired straight at the mark especially from close range; direct. 2. straightforward, plain, or explicit: a point-blank denial. adverb 3. with a direct aim; directly; straight. 4. bluntly; frankly: She told him point-blank that he was not welcome. adjective 1. 2. plain or blunt: a point-blank question adverb 3. […]

  • Point break

    noun in surfing, a type of long-lasting wave found off a coast with a headland or point Examples A point break is formed when a swell moves around the land almost at a right angle to the beach and a break which begins near the point gradually progresses along the wave. Word Origin 1966

  • Point-charge

    noun 1. an electric charge considered to exist at a single point, and thus having neither area nor volume.

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