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noun, Linguistics.
the relation between a pair of antonyms that denote relatively higher and lower degrees of a quality with respect to an explicit or implicit norm rather than absolute values, as the relation between tall and short or light and dark, but not between true and false.


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  • Polar-orbit

    noun 1. a spacecraft orbit that passes over, or close to, the geographic poles of the earth or some other celestial body. noun 1. the orbit of a satellite that passes over the poles of a planet

  • Polar-outbreak

    noun, Meteorology. 1. a vigorous thrust of cold, polar air across temperate regions.

  • Polar-regions

    plural noun 1. the regions within the Arctic and Antarctic circles.

  • Polar sequence

    noun 1. (astronomy) a series of stars in the vicinity of the N celestial pole whose accurately determined magnitudes serve as the standard for visual and photographic magnitudes of stars

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