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[pol-uh-noh-mee-uh l] /ˌpɒl əˈnoʊ mi əl/

consisting of or characterized by two or more names or terms.

a polynomial name or term.
Biology. a species name containing more than two terms.
of, consisting of, or referring to two or more names or terms

(biology) a taxonomic name consisting of more than two terms, such as Parus major minor in which minor designates the subspecies

1670s (n.), 1704 (adj.), irregularly formed from poly- + stem of binomial.
An algebraic expression that is the sum of two or more monomials. The expressions x2 – 4 and 5×4 + 2×3 – x + 7 are both polynomials.

1. An arithmetic expression composed by summing multiples of powers of some variable.
P(x) = sum a_i x^i for i = 0 .. N
The multipliers, a_i, are known as “coefficients” and N, the highest power of x with a non-zero coefficient, is known as the “degree” of the polynomial. If N=0 then P(x) is constant, if N=1, P(x) is linear in x. N=2 gives a “quadratic” and N=3, a “cubic”.
2. polynomial-time.


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  • Polynomial-ring

    noun, Mathematics. 1. the set of all polynomials in an indeterminate variable with coefficients that are elements of a given ring.

  • Polynomial-time

    complexity (P) The set or property of problems which can be solved by a known polynomial-time algorithm. (1995-04-10)

  • Polynomial-time algorithm

    complexity A known algorithm (or Turing Machine) that is guaranteed to terminate within a number of steps which is a polynomial function of the size of the problem. See also computational complexity, exponential time, nondeterministic polynomial-time (NP), NP-complete. (1995-04-13)

  • Polynosic

    noun, adjective a trademark for a type of microfiber that is a blend of polyester and rayon fibers and having a soft finish Examples Polynosic is characterized by a high wet modulus of elasticity.

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