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[poh-mey-tuh m, -mah-, puh-] /poʊˈmeɪ təm, -ˈmɑ-, pə-/



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  • Pombal

    /Portuguese pomˈbal/ noun 1. Marquês de (mərkeʃ ˈdəː). title of Sebastiâo José de Carvalho e Mello. 1699–1782, Portuguese statesman, who dominated Portuguese government from 1750 to 1777 and instituted many administrative and economic reforms

  • Pombe

    /ˈpɔmbɛ/ noun 1. (E African) any alcoholic drink

  • Pomc


  • Pome

    [pohm] /poʊm/ noun, Botany. 1. the characteristic fruit of the apple family, as an apple, pear, or quince, in which the edible flesh arises from the greatly swollen receptacle and not from the carpels. /pəʊm/ noun 1. the fleshy fruit of the apple and related plants, consisting of an enlarged receptacle enclosing the ovary and […]

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