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noun, Slang.
a circular, list of instructions, press release, etc., providing information about a particular subject.

noun phrase

Any set of data, instructions, official notices, etc: Here’s the poop sheet from the comptroller

[1935+ Army & students; origin unknown; perhaps fr poop, ”excrement”; improbably but possibly an unaccounted shortening of liripoop, ”lore, tricks of the trade,” as found in the 1500s phrases to know one’s liripoop, to teach someone his liripoop, perhaps related to lerrie, ”something learned or spoken by rote”]


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  • Poopsie

    noun Sweetheart; babe, honey •Often a term of endearment: I hear you, poopsie (1940s+)

  • Poop someone up

    verb phrase To inform; brief; FILL someone IN, PUT someone IN THE PICTURE (1970s+ Army)

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  • Poopy

    adjective depressed; ineffectual; also spelled poopie Examples I’m feeling poopy and just want to watch TV. noun See poopie Word Origin 1957; perhaps shortening of nincompoop or euphemism for shitty, from poop ‘excrement’ Usage Note slang adjective Depressed; also, ineffectual: She felt poopy when they left her out (1957+) noun Excrement •Mainly a children’s word: […]

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