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[pawr, pohr] /pɔr, poʊr/

verb (used without object), pored, poring.
to read or study with steady attention or application:
a scholar poring over a rare old manuscript.
to gaze earnestly or steadily:
to pore over a painting.
to meditate or ponder intently (usually followed by over, on, or upon):
He pored over the strange events of the preceding evening.
verb (intransitive)
(foll by over) to make a close intent examination or study (of a book, map, etc): he pored over the documents for several hours
foll by over, on, or upon. to think deeply (about): he pored on the question of their future
(rare) foll by over, on, or upon. to look earnestly or intently (at); gaze fixedly (upon)
(anatomy, zoology) any small opening in the skin or outer surface of an animal
(botany) any small aperture, esp that of a stoma through which water vapour and gases pass
any other small hole, such as a space in a rock, soil, etc

“gaze intently,” early 13c., of unknown origin, with no obvious corresponding word in Old French. Perhaps from Old English *purian, suggested by spyrian “to investigate, examine,” and spor “a trace, vestige.” Related: Pored; poring.

“minute opening,” late 14c., from Old French pore (14c.) and directly from Latin porus “a pore,” from Greek poros “a pore,” literally “passage, way,” from PIE *por- “going, passage,” from root *per- “to lead, pass over” (see port (n.1)).

pore (pôr)



Read Also:

  • Pore-fungus

    noun 1. any fungus of the families Boletacea and Polyporaceae, bearing spores in tubes or pores.

  • Porencephalia

    porencephalia por·en·ce·pha·li·a (pôr’ěn-sə-fā’lē-ə, -fāl’yə) n. See porencephaly.

  • Porencephalitis

    porencephalitis por·en·ceph·a·li·tis (pôr’ěn-sěf’ə-lī’tĭs) n. Chronic inflammation of the brain with the formation of cavities in the brain substance.

  • Porencephaly

    porencephaly por·en·ceph·a·ly (pôr’ěn-sěf’ə-lē) n. Occurrence of cavities in the brain substance, usually communicating with the lateral ventricles. Also called porencephalia. por’en·ce·phal’ic (-ěn’sə-fāl’ĭk) or por’en·ceph’a·lous (-sěf’ə-ləs) adj.

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