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[pawr-ij, por-] /ˈpɔr ɪdʒ, ˈpɒr-/

a food made of oatmeal, or some other meal or cereal, boiled to a thick consistency in water or milk.
a dish made from oatmeal or another cereal, cooked in water or milk to a thick consistency
(slang) a term in prison (esp in the phrase do porridge)

1530s, porage “soup of meat and vegetables,” alteration of pottage, perhaps from influence of Middle English porray, porreie “leek broth,” from Old French poree “leek soup,” from Vulgar Latin *porrata, from Latin porrum “leek.” Spelling with -idge attested from c.1600. Association with oatmeal is 1640s, first in Scottish.


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