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[pawr-shuh-ner, pohr-] /ˈpɔr ʃə nər, ˈpoʊr-/

a person who receives or holds a , or who divides something into .


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  • Portioning

    [pawr-shuh n, pohr-] /ˈpɔr ʃən, ˈpoʊr-/ noun 1. a part of any whole, either separated from or integrated with it: I read a portion of the manuscript. 2. an amount of food served for one person; serving; helping: He took a large portion of spinach. 3. the part of a whole allotted to or belonging […]

  • Portion of jezreel

    the field adjoining the city (2 Kings 9:10, 21, 36, 37). Here Naboth was stoned to death (1 Kings 21:13).

  • Portio supravaginalis

    portio supravaginalis portio su·pra·vag·i·na·lis (sōō’prə-vāj’ə-nā’lĭs, pôr’tē-ō) n. The part of the cervix of the uterus lying above the attachment of the vagina.

  • Portio vaginalis

    portio vaginalis portio vag·i·na·lis (vāj’ə-nā’lĭs) n. The part of the cervix of the uterus within the vagina.

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