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Posterior auricular vein

posterior auricular vein n.
A tributary to the external jugular vein, draining the region behind the ear.


Read Also:

  • Posterior cardinal vein

    posterior cardinal vein n. Any of the major drainage channels from the caudal part of an embryo.

  • Posterior cerebral commissure

    posterior cerebral commissure n. A thin band of white matter crossing from side to side beneath the habenula of the pineal body and over the entrance to the cerebral aqueduct and largely composed of fibers connecting mesoencephalic regions.

  • Posterior chamber of eye

    posterior chamber of eye n. The ringlike space filled with aqueous humor between the iris, the crystalline lens, and the ciliary body.

  • Posterior column of spinal cord

    posterior column of spinal cord n. The dorsolateral ridge of gray matter in each lateral half of the spinal cord. Also called dorsal column of spinal cord.

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