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Posterior rhinoscopy

posterior rhinoscopy n.
Examination of the nasopharynx and posterior portion of the nasal cavity using a rhinoscope or a nasopharyngoscope.


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  • Posterior root

    posterior root n. See dorsal root.

  • Posterior scalene muscle

    posterior scalene muscle n. A muscle with origin from the fourth to the sixth cervical vertebrae, with insertion into the second rib, with nerve supply from the cervical and brachial plexuses, and whose action elevates the second rib.

  • Posterior scleritis

    posterior scleritis n. Scleritis that exhibits a tendency to extend posteriorly to the sheath of eyeball and to cause chemosis.

  • Posterior scrotal nerve

    posterior scrotal nerve n. Any of several terminal branches of the perineal nerve supplying the skin of the rear portion of the scrotum.

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