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Potato bread


a type of bread made with potato flour; also, a type of bread in which potato replaces a major portion of the regular wheat flour

The sweet, buttery taste, soft texture, and distinctive golden color make potato bread a favorite.
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    [puh-tey-toh-buhg, -tey-tuh-] /pəˈteɪ toʊˌbʌg, -ˈteɪ tə-/ noun 1. .

  • Potato-chip

    noun 1. a thin slice of potato fried until crisp and usually salted. noun 1. (usually pl) another name for chip (sense 4) 2. (usually pl) (US & Canadian) a very thin slice of potato fried and eaten cold as a snack Also called (in eg Britain) crisp

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    noun 1. a painting (1885) by Vincent Van Gogh.

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