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[prak-ti-kuh-liz-uh m] /ˈpræk tɪ kəˌlɪz əm/

devotion to matters.


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  • Practicalist

    [prak-ti-kuh-liz-uh m] /ˈpræk tɪ kəˌlɪz əm/ noun 1. devotion to matters.

  • Practicality

    [prak-ti-kuh l] /ˈpræk tɪ kəl/ adjective 1. of or relating to or action: practical mathematics. 2. consisting of, involving, or resulting from practice or action: a practical application of a rule. 3. of, relating to, or concerned with ordinary activities, business, or work: a habitual dreamer, who can’t be bothered with practical affairs. 4. adapted […]

  • Practical-joke

    noun 1. a playful trick, often involving some physical agent or means, in which the victim is placed in an embarrassing or disadvantageous position. noun 1. a prank or trick usually intended to make the victim appear foolish

  • Practically

    [prak-tik-lee] /ˈpræk tɪk li/ adverb 1. in effect; virtually: It is practically useless to protest. 2. in a manner: to think practically. 3. from a point of view: Practically speaking, the plan is not very promising. 4. almost; nearly: Their provisions were practically gone. /ˈpræktɪkəlɪ; -klɪ/ adverb 1. virtually; almost: it has rained practically every […]

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