a person or thing considered a danger or menace to the public, especially a wanted criminal widely sought by the F.B.I. and local police forces.
a nation or government with which one’s own is at war.
public enemy
a notorious person, such as a criminal, who is regarded as a menace to the public

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  • Public-enemy-number-one

    or Public Enemy Number 1, Public Enemy No. 1 noun 1. (not in official use) a criminal at the top of the FBI’s list of the ten most wanted criminals. 2. a major menace to public safety, health, etc.: Cancer is Public Enemy Number One.

  • Public enterprise

    noun 1. economic activity by governmental organizations Compare private enterprise (sense 1) noun any economic activity carried out by the government; also, a business or industry controlled by the government Examples Utilities (gas, electricity, etc.), broadcasting, telecommunications, and certain forms of transport are examples of public enterprise. Word Origin 1849

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