a rich dough for making puff pastry.

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  • Puff-pastry

    noun 1. a light, flaky, rich pastry made by rolling dough with butter and folding it to form layers: used for tarts, napoleons, etc. noun 1. a dough rolled in thin layers incorporating fat to make a rich flaky pastry for pies, rich pastries, etc

  • Puff-piece

    noun, Informal. 1. a newspaper article, book, public-relations film, etc., whose purpose is to praise or flatter. noun 1. a flattering newspaper or magazine article about a person or an organization noun an article or report in the media that is based on exaggerated praise to promote a person, entity, or event puff piece An […]

  • Puff-puff

    noun 1. (Brit) a children’s name for a steam locomotive or railway train

  • Pufft

    [“The Purdue University Fast Fortran Translator”, Saul Rosen et al, CACM 8(11):661-666 (Nov 1965)]. (1995-01-05)

  • Puffy

    adjective, puffier, puffiest. 1. gusty1 . 2. short-winded; panting. 3. inflated, distended, or swollen. 4. fat; plump. 5. conceited. 6. bombastic. adjective puffier, puffiest 1. short of breath 2. swollen or bloated: a puffy face 3. pompous or conceited 4. blowing in gusts puffy

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