(Scot) poverty

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  • Puir

    adjective, Scot. 1. poor. 2. pure. adjective 1. a Scot word for poor

  • Composting Toilet

    Composting toilet is a toilet that do not use any water. This type of toilet is a dry toilet. The toilet processes the human excreta by using harsh chemicals.

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    [hahyt-n] /ˈhaɪt n/ verb (used with object) 1. to increase the of; make . 2. to increase the degree or amount of; augment: Cézanne’s death heightened the value of his paintings. 3. to strengthen, deepen, or intensify: to heighten the plot of a story; to heighten one’s awareness or appreciation; to heighten one’s suffering. 4. […]

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    [loo-bri-kuh nt] /ˈlu brɪ kənt/ noun 1. a substance, as oil or grease, for lessening friction, especially in the working parts of a mechanism. adjective 2. capable of ; used to . /ˈluːbrɪkənt/ noun 1. a lubricating substance, such as oil adjective 2. serving to lubricate n. 1828, probably from lubricant (adj.), or from Latin […]

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