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Pull round

Restore or be restored to good health, as in It was good nursing that pulled him round so quickly, or Once on antibiotics, he pulled round quickly. [ Late 1800s ]


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  • Pull someone in

    verb phrase To arrest someone; RUN someone IN (1891+)

  • Pull someone off

    verb phrase To cause someone to ejaculate semen by manipulating the penis (1900+)

  • Pull something

    Play a trick, deceive someone, as in We thought he was trying to pull something when he claimed he had never picked up our tickets . It is often put as pull something on someone , as in I knew he was pulling something on me when he told me the wrong date . Also […]

  • Pull something on someone

    adjective Whacko, flipped noun A state of irrational, psychotic anger and disorientation (mid-1990s+ Teenagers) Related Terms go postal

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