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Pulmonary dysmaturity syndrome

pulmonary dysmaturity syndrome n.
A respiratory disorder occurring in premature infants incapable of normal pulmonary ventilation; the lungs contain widespread focal emphysematous blebs and the parenchyma has thickened alveolar walls. Also called Wilson-Mikity syndrome.


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  • Pulmonary embolism

    pulmonary embolism n. The obstruction of pulmonary arteries, usually by detached fragments of a clot from a leg or pelvic vein.

  • Pulmonary emphysema

    pulmonary emphysema n. See emphysema.

  • Pulmonary hypertension

    pulmonary hypertension n. Hypertension in the pulmonary circulation; it may be primary or secondary to pulmonary or cardiac disease.

  • Pulmonary hamartoma

    pulmonary hamartoma n. A hamartoma of the lung, producing a coin lesion that is composed primarily of cartilage and bronchial epithelium. Also called adenochondroma.

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