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[puhnch-uhp] /ˈpʌntʃˌʌp/

noun, Slang.
(def 2).
(Brit, informal) a fight, brawl, or violent argument


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  • Punchy

    [puhn-chee] /ˈpʌn tʃi/ adjective, punchier, punchiest. Informal. 1. . 2. being or appearing vigorously effective; forceful. /ˈpʌntʃɪ/ adjective punchier, punchiest 1. an informal word for punch-drunk 2. (informal) incisive or forceful: a punchy article adj. “nervously anxious; irritable from fatigue,” 1937, from punch (v.) + -y (2). Perhaps originally a shortening of punch-drunk. Related: Punchily; […]

  • Punctate

    [puhngk-teyt] /ˈpʌŋk teɪt/ adjective 1. marked with points or dots; having minute spots or depressions. /ˈpʌŋkteɪt/ adjective 1. having or marked with minute spots, holes, or depressions adj. “dotted, marked with dots,” 1760, from Modern Latin punctuatus, from Latin punctum “point” (see point). Related: Punctation. punctate punc·tate (pŭngk’tāt’) adj. Having tiny spots, points, or depressions.

  • Punctate hemorrhage

    punctate hemorrhage n. See petechial hemorrhage.

  • Punctate hyalosis

    punctate hyalosis n. A form of hyalosis characterized by minute opacities in the vitreous humor.

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