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Put in mind of

see: put one in mind of


Read Also:

  • Put in mothballs

    Defer indefinitely or for a very long time, as in We’ve put the plans for a new library in mothballs. This expression alludes to storing woolen clothing or other items with marble-size balls of naphthalene or camphor to prevent them from being damaged by moths. [ 1940s ]

  • Put in order

    Arrange in proper sequence; see in order , def. 1; also put one’s house in order

  • Put into effect

    see: in effect , def. 2.

  • Put in the way of

    1. Also, put in one’s way. 2. Obstruct or impede, as in The police put a traffic barrier in the way of northbound motorists, or I don’t want to put anything in the way of your advancement. [ c. 1500 ] 3. See in one’s way , def. 2.

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