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Put in order

Arrange in proper sequence; see in order , def. 1; also put one’s house in order


Read Also:

  • Put into effect

    see: in effect , def. 2.

  • Put in the way of

    1. Also, put in one’s way. 2. Obstruct or impede, as in The police put a traffic barrier in the way of northbound motorists, or I don’t want to put anything in the way of your advancement. [ c. 1500 ] 3. See in one’s way , def. 2.

  • Put into practice

    Also, put in practice. Carry out in action, as in It’s time we put these new ideas into practice. Shakespeare used this idiom in Two Gentlemen of Verona (3:2): “Thy advice, this night, I’ll put in practice.” [ Mid-1500s ]

  • Put into words

    Express verbally, as in I find it hard to put my feelings into words. [ Late 1800s ]

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