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Put someone down

verb phrase

see: put down , def. 4.


Read Also:

  • Put someone in his or her place

    1. Rebuke someone, remind someone of his or her position, as in Alice is entirely too rude; it’s time you put her in her place. The noun place here denotes one’s rank or position. [ Mid-1900s ] 2. Also, put oneself in someone’s place. Imagine being someone else, as in Just put yourself in my […]

  • Put someone in the picture

    verb phrase To give necessary orienting data; brief; BRING someone UP TO SPEED: Nobody put me in the picture, and I was confused for weeks (1942+)

  • Put someone on

    verb phrase To fool someone, esp by pretending; tease: The Countess who adores the poet pities him and puts him ”on” (1896+) see: put on , def. 4.

  • Put someone on the floor

    verb phrase To please someone enormously; PUT someone or something AWAY, KNOCK someone OUT: Schaefer said the strip ”put me on the floor” (1970s+)

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