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Put someone under

verb phrase

To arrest someone; collar, hook someone up, pinch

[1990s+ Police; shortening of put someone under arrest]


Read Also:

  • Put someone under the table

    verb phrase To remain sober while one’s drinking companion(s) becomes drunk: She can drink most under the table (1921+)

  • Put someone up

    verb phrase To provide lodging for (1800+) see: put up , def. 5.

  • Put someone up to

    Incite someone to do something, especially a mischievous or malicious act. For example, My brother put me up to making those prank telephone calls, or They didn’t think of it on their own; someone put them up to it. [ Early 1800s ]

  • Put someone up to something

    verb phrase To incite or persuade someone: I know who did it, but not who put him up to it (1824+)

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