Put the heat on

see: turn up the heat

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  • Put the heat on someone

    verb phrase To use coercive pressure; LEAN ON someone: He put the heat on me to vote that way (1936+)

  • Put the icing on the cake

    verb phrase To put a victory beyond question; ensure a favorable result: He iced the cake with a knockdown in the seventh (1940s+) Related Terms ice the cake

  • Put their heads together

    see: put our heads together

  • Put the lid on

    Also, keep the lid on. Suppress, as in I don’t know how but we’ll have to put the lid on that rumor about her, or Let’s keep the lid on our suspicions. The word lid here is used in the sense of “a cover for a container.” [ Early 1900s ]

  • Put the make on someone

    verb phrase To make sexual advances; MAKE A PASS AT someone: The codger was horny and put the make on the lady cop (1970s+)

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