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[pyoo-tuh-tiv] /ˈpyu tə tɪv/

commonly regarded as such; reputed; supposed:
the putative boss of the mob.
(prenominal) commonly regarded as being: the putative father
(prenominal) considered to exist or have existed; inferred
(grammar) denoting a mood of the verb in some languages used when the speaker does not have direct evidence of what he is asserting, but has inferred it on the basis of something else

early 15c., from Middle French putatif, from Late Latin putativus “supposed,” from Latin putat-, past participle stem of putare “to judge, suppose, believe, suspect,” originally “to clean, trim, prune” (see pave). At first especially in putative marriage, one which, though legally invalid, was contracted in good faith by at least one party. Related: Putatively.


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