[pyoo-trid] /ˈpyu trɪd/

in a state of foul decay or decomposition, as animal or vegetable matter; rotten.
of, relating to, or attended by .
having the odor of decaying flesh.
thoroughly corrupt, depraved, or evil.
of very low quality; rotten.
(of organic matter) in a state of decomposition, usually giving off a foul smell: putrid meat
morally corrupt or worthless
sickening; foul: a putrid smell
(informal) deficient in quality or value: a putrid film

1630s, from Medieval Latin putriditas, from Latin putridus (see putrid).

early 15c., from Latin putridus, from putrere “to rot,” from putris “rotten, crumbling,” related to putere “to stink,” from PIE root *pu- “to rot, stink” (see pus). First in reference to putrid fever, an old name for typhus (also known in Middle English as putrida). Related: Putrification.

putrid pu·trid (pyōō’trĭd)

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