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[pyoo-truh-lij] /ˈpyu trə lɪdʒ/

putrid or putrescent matter.


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  • Putsch

    [poo ch] /pʊtʃ/ noun 1. a plotted revolt or attempt to overthrow a government, especially one that depends upon suddenness and speed. /pʊtʃ/ noun 1. a violent and sudden uprising; political revolt, esp a coup d’état n. 1920, from German Putsch “revolt, riot,” from Swiss dialect, literally “a sudden blow, push, thrust, shock,” of imitative […]

  • Putschist

    [poo ch-ist] /ˈpʊtʃ ɪst/ noun 1. a participant in a putsch. adjective 2. taking part in or concerned with a putsch.

  • Put someone away

    verb phrase see: put away , def. 3.

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    verb phrase see: put down , def. 4.

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