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plural PXs. U.S. Army.
please exchange.
Post Exchange
medical prognosis
physical examination
Post Exchange


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  • P.X.

    1. please exchange.

  • Pxt.

    1. . Latin pinxit (he or she painted it)

  • Py

    1. variant of before a vowel: pyemia. abbreviation 1. Paraguay abbreviation 1. Paraguay (international car registration) combining form 1. variant of pyo- py- pref. Variant of pyo-. networking The country code for Paraguay. (1999-01-27) 1. Paraguay (international vehicle ID) 2. prior year

  • Pya

    [pyah, pee-ah] /pyɑ, piˈɑ/ noun 1. an aluminum coin of Burma, the 100th part of a kyat. /pjɑː; pɪˈɑː/ noun 1. a monetary unit of Myanmar worth one hundredth of a kyat

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