military base “convenience store.” short for post exchange.
“military 7-eleven”
one of the g hoods in mtl (montreal). ghetto area with thugs and homies.
thug: yo i represent stl
p-x n-gg-h: yo f-ck that sh-t. representin p-x. don’t mess homie.
px : means parc extension a small town “brown ghetto”
meaning its largely populated by pakistani’s, indians, sri lankan’s and bengali’s. its the best place to get high. its in montreal, quebec, canada.
px for life!! ^^^
guy 1 : you going upt? ( uptown = plamondon )
guy 2 : nah im going to px
a generic descriptor for ‘hollywood disorder’.

this can include a single disorder or multiple concomittant disorders ultimately leading the ailed person in question to:

1) move to and maintain a life in close proximity to celebrities in southern california.

2) fantasize themselves to actually be a close personal friends of the people they live nearby.
_px_> “hey i just went out with jay leno and dmx last night. we were four wheeling on rodeo dr.”

_psychiatrist_> “you’re px’ing again. lets stay on track.”

_px_> “oh my god. i meant my brother and the guy from 7-11. sorry.”
slang for pedophile xtrordinare. term used about punk tricks who nail 12 year olds named sara.
px is a momo.
short for penix, post examination, princ-p-l exchange, and hundreds of other terms to lengthy to list here. most commonly used as a referrence to something astronomically gay.
doug: that guy shoving a fire hose into his r-ct-m sure does remind me of px.

ted: sure does.
nickname for phoenix, arizona. all these other definitions for “px” are completely whack. px is phoenix, baby.
px is better than bx. phoenix represent!

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