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pylethrombophlebitis py·le·throm·bo·phle·bi·tis (pī’lə-thrŏm’bō-flĭ-bī’tĭs)
Inflammation of the portal vein accompanied by the formation of a thrombus.


Read Also:

  • Pylethrombosis

    pylethrombosis py·le·throm·bo·sis (pī’lə-thrŏm-bō’sĭs) n. Thrombosis of the portal vein or of its branches.

  • Pvs

    abbreviation 1. persistent vegetative state 2. postviral syndrome

  • Pylorectomy

    /ˌpaɪlɔːˈrɛktəmɪ/ noun (pl) -mies 1. the surgical removal of all or part of the pylorus, often including the adjacent portion of the stomach (partial gastrectomy) pylorectomy py·lo·rec·to·my (pī’lə-rěk’tə-mē) n. Surgical removal of the pylorus. Also called gastropylorectomy, pylorogastrectomy.

  • Pyloric antrum

    pyloric antrum n. The bulging part of the lower end of the stomach between the body of the stomach and the pyloric canal.

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