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[pi-ram-i-dl] /pɪˈræm ɪ dl/

of, relating to, or shaped like a :
the pyramidal form.
of the nature of a ; pyramidlike.


Read Also:

  • Pyramidal bone

    pyramidal bone n. See triquetrum bone.

  • Pyramidal cataract

    pyramidal cataract n. A cone-shaped anterior polar cataract.

  • Pyramidal decussation

    pyramidal decussation n. Crossing of the bundles of the pyramidal tracts at the lower border of the medulla oblongata. Also called motor decussation.

  • Pyramidal fracture

    pyramidal fracture n. A fracture of the midfacial bones, especially the upper jawbone, in which the principal fracture lines meet at a point above the nasal bones, forming a triangular section that is detached from the skull. Also called LeFort II fracture.

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