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queen’s bishop’s pawn.
queen’s bishop’s pawn


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  • Qc

    1. . 2. Quartermaster Corps. 3. Queen’s Counsel. abbreviation 1. Queen’s Counsel 2. (esp in postal addresses) Quebec 1. quality circle 2. quality control Queen’s Counsel

  • Q.C.

    1. . 2. Quartermaster Corps. 3. Queen’s Counsel. Queen’s Counsel

  • Qca

    abbreviation (in Britain) 1. Qualifications and Curriculum Authority Quantum-dot Cellular Automata

  • Q-Celtic

    [kyoo-sel-tik, -kel-] /ˈkyuˈsɛl tɪk, -ˈkɛl-/ noun, adjective 1. .

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