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Quantum gravity

(physics) a theory of the gravitational interaction that involves quantum mechanics to explain the force


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  • Quantum-mechanics

    noun, Physics. 1. a theory of the mechanics of atoms, molecules, and other physical systems that are subject to the uncertainty principle. Abbreviation: QM. noun 1. (functioning as sing) the branch of mechanics, based on the quantum theory used for interpreting the behaviour of elementary particles and atoms, which do not obey Newtonian mechanics quantum […]

  • Quantum-jump

    noun 1. Physics. an abrupt transition of a system described by quantum mechanics from one of its discrete states to another, as the fall of an electron in an atom to an orbit of lower energy. 2. any sudden and significant change, advance, or increase. quantum jump A change from one quantum state to another, […]

  • Quantum medicine

    noun multidisciplinary research using quantum physics to show that the human body is controlled and regulated by the human energy system; also, a branch of medicine that manipulates the body’s energy to treat and prevent disease Examples Quantum medicine is a combination of German functional medicine, Oriental medicine, Herbal/Homeopathic, and Quantum Physics.

  • Quantum meruit

    /ˈmɛruːɪt/ uknown 1. as much as he has earned: denoting a payment for goods or services in partial fulfilment of a contract or for those supplied when no price has been agreed

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