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radiad ra·di·ad (rā’dē-ād’)
In a direction toward the radial side.


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  • Radial

    [rey-dee-uh l] /ˈreɪ di əl/ adjective 1. arranged like radii or rays. 2. having spokes, bars, lines, etc., arranged like radii, as a machine. 3. made in the direction of a radius; going from the center outward or from the circumference inward along a radius: a radial cut. 4. Zoology. pertaining to structures that radiate […]

  • Radial artery

    radial artery n. radial artery (rā’dē-əl) A major artery that follows the course of the radius on the ventral aspect of the forearm to the wrist, where it is felt as a pulse, and enters the hand. It supplies blood mostly to the thumb, index finger, and muscles of the forearm.

  • Radial collateral artery

    radial collateral artery n. An artery that is the anterior terminal branch of the deep brachial artery, anastomosing with the radial recurrent artery.

  • Radial-engine

    noun, Aeronautics. 1. an internal-combustion engine having the cylinders arranged in radial opposition, found mainly on older aircraft. noun 1. an internal-combustion engine having a number of cylinders arranged about a central crankcase

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