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Radial collateral artery

radial collateral artery n.
An artery that is the anterior terminal branch of the deep brachial artery, anastomosing with the radial recurrent artery.


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    noun, Aeronautics. 1. an internal-combustion engine having the cylinders arranged in radial opposition, found mainly on older aircraft. noun 1. an internal-combustion engine having a number of cylinders arranged about a central crankcase

  • Radial drilling machine

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  • Radial extensor muscle of wrist

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  • Radial flexor muscle of wrist

    radial flexor muscle of wrist n. A muscle with its origin from the humerus, with insertion to the second and third metacarpal bones, with nerve supply from the median nerve, and whose action flexes and abducts the wrist towards the radius.

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