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[rey-dee-uh n-see] /ˈreɪ di ən si/

noun, plural radiancies.


Read Also:

  • Radiant efficiency

    noun 1. the ratio of the power emitted by a source of radiation to the power consumed by it ηe

  • Radiant-emittance

    noun, Optics. 1. radiant flux emitted per unit area.

  • Radiant-energy

    noun, Physics. 1. energy transmitted in wave motion, especially electromagnetic wave motion. 2. 1 (def 2a). noun 1. energy that is emitted or propagated in the form of particles or electromagnetic radiation. It is measured in joules Qe radiant energy Energy in the form of waves, especially electromagnetic waves. Radio waves, x-rays, and visible light […]

  • Radiant exitance

    noun 1. the ability of a surface to emit radiation expressed as the radiant flux emitted per unit area at a specified point on the surface Me

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