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[rad-ish] /ˈræd ɪʃ/

the crisp, pungent, edible root of the plant, Raphanus sativus, of the mustard family, usually eaten raw.
the plant itself.
any of various plants of the genus Raphanus, esp R. sativus of Europe and Asia, cultivated for its edible root: family Brassicaceae (crucifers)
the root of this plant, which has a pungent taste and is eaten raw in salads
wild radish, another name for white charlock See charlock (sense 2)

late Old English rædic “radish,” from Latin radicem (nominative radix) “root, radish,” from PIE root *wrad- “twig, root” (cf. Greek rhiza, Lesbian brisda “root;” Greek hradamnos “branch;” Gothic waurts, Old English wyrt; Welsh gwridd, Old Irish fren “root”). Spelling perhaps influenced by Old French radise, variant of radice, from Vulgar Latin *radicina, from radicem.


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