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noun, Mathematics.
a positive number so related to a given power series that the power series converges for every number whose absolute value is less than this particular number.


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  • Radius-of-curvature

    noun, Mathematics. 1. the absolute value of the reciprocal of the curvature at a point on a curve. noun 1. the absolute value of the reciprocal of the curvature of a curve at a given point; the radius of a circle the curvature of which is equal to that of the given curve at that […]

  • Radius-of-gyration

    noun, Physics. 1. the distance from an axis at which the mass of a body may be assumed to be concentrated and at which the moment of inertia will be equal to the moment of inertia of the actual mass about the axis, equal to the square root of the quotient of the moment of […]

  • Radius-rod

    noun 1. (in a feathering paddle wheel) any of the rods, meeting in a hub mounted eccentrically with the paddle-wheel shaft, for feathering the paddles while in the water.

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    noun, plural radii vectores [vek-tawr-eez, -tohr-] /vɛkˈtɔr iz, -ˈtoʊr-/ (Show IPA), radius vectors. 1. Mathematics. the length of the line segment joining a fixed point or origin to a given point. 2. Astronomy. noun 1. (maths) a line joining a point in space to the origin of polar or spherical coordinates 2. (astronomy) an imaginary […]

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