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Raisin ranch

noun phrase

A retirement community • Referring to wrinkles: raisin ranches all over Florida


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  • Raisin-river

    1. a river in SE Michigan, flowing E to Lake Erie: 1813 battle site. 115 miles (185 km) long.

  • Raisins

    [rey-zin] /ˈreɪ zɪn/ noun 1. a grape of any of various sweet varieties dried in the sun or by artificial means, often used in cookery. 2. dark purplish blue. /ˈreɪzən/ noun 1. a dried grape n. “dried sweet grape,” c.1300, from Anglo-French raycin (late 13c.), Old French raisin “grape; raisin,” from Vulgar Latin *racimus, alteration […]

  • Raita

    [rahy-tuh] /ˈraɪ tə/ noun 1. an Indian condiment consisting of yogurt, spices, and diced or grated vegetables or fruits: cucumber raita. /ˈreɪtə; raɪˈiːtə/ noun 1. an Indian dish of finely chopped cucumber, peppers, mint, etc, in yoghurt, served with curries

  • Raisonneur

    [rez-uh-nur; French re-zaw-nœr] /ˌrɛz əˈnɜr; French rɛ zɔˈnœr/ noun, plural raisonneurs [rez-uh-nurz; French re-zaw-nœr] /ˌrɛz əˈnɜrz; French rɛ zɔˈnœr/ (Show IPA) 1. a character in a play, novel, or the like who voices the central theme, philosophy, or point of view of the work.

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