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Arthur Michael (Baron Ramsey of Canterbury) 1904–1988, English clergyman and scholar: archbishop of Canterbury 1961–74.
a town in NE New Jersey.
a town in SE Minnesota.
a male given name: from a Scandinavian word meaning “wooded island.”.
Contemporary Examples

Indeed, police felt they had given Hunter plenty of ammunition to charge the Ramsey couple.
New Revelations in JonBenet’s Unsolved Death Carol McKinley October 24, 2013

Ramsey has rented a room in the house for a year, paying $75 a week.
My Neighbor the Monster: Life Next Door to Ariel Castro Steve Miller May 9, 2013

Then, Ramsey sent the group an email, later provided to The Daily Beast.
Spies, Cash, and Fear: Inside Christian Money Guru Dave Ramsey’s Social Media Witch Hunt Matthew Paul Turner May 28, 2014

Ramsey investigators said the marks could have been made by a jolt from a certain kind of stun gun.
New Clues in JonBenet Ramsey Murder Carol McKinley July 17, 2012

“We have a lot of people here, like most departments, who are ex-military,” Ramsey says.
Local Cops Ready for War With Homeland Security-Funded Military Weapons Andrew Becker, G. W. Schulz December 20, 2011

Historical Examples

The speaker tittered as Ramsey inquiringly extended her arms out forward and crossed her wrists.
Gideon’s Band George W. Cable

Robbie left her at the church door, and he’s off by the Ramsey packet for England.
The Manxman Hall Caine

Ramsey was laconic in response to inquiries upon this subject.
Ramsey Milholland Booth Tarkington

She had little errands there that could not be done in Ramsey.
The Manxman Hall Caine

Stewart and Ramsey formed their regiments under cover of the wood, and with Oswald, kept the enemy at bay.
The Boy Spies of Philadelphia James Otis

Sir Alf(red) (Ernest). 1922–99, English footballer and football manager, who played for England 32 times and managed England when they won the World Cup (1966)


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