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noun, Statistics.
a method of selecting a sample (random sample) from a statistical population in such a way that every possible sample that could be selected has a predetermined probability of being selected.


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  • Random selection

    noun in statistics, a random sampling or sample Examples Random selection is how you draw the sample of people for your study from a population. Word Origin by 1884

  • Random testing

    programming, testing A black-box testing approach in which software is tested by choosing an arbitrary subset of all possible input values. Random testing helps to avoid the problem of only testing what you know will work. (2001-04-30)

  • Random-variable

    noun, Statistics. 1. a quantity that takes any of a set of values with specified probabilities. noun 1. (statistics) a quantity that may take any of a range of values, either continuous or discrete, which cannot be predicted with certainty but only described probabilistically rv

  • Random-walk

    noun 1. Statistics. the path taken by a point or quantity that moves in steps, where the direction of each step is determined randomly. 2. Physics. the tendency of particles in random motion to achieve a net displacement or to drift in a particular direction. noun 1. a mathematical model used to describe physical processes, […]

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