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[rawnch, rahnch] /rɔntʃ, rɑntʃ/

noun, Informal.
smuttiness or vulgarity; crudeness; obscenity:
porno magazines and other purveyors of raunch.
slovenliness; grubbiness.
an earthy, raw musical style derived from blues and gospel:
a singer who can go easily from raunch to rock.
noun (slang)
lack of polish or refinement; crudeness
(mainly US) slovenliness or untidiness

1963 (in “Billboard,” describing lead guitar on surf music tracks), back-formation from raunchy. There was a singing group in U.S. c.1960 called the Raunch Hands.


Vulgarity; smut; porn: No obscenities in Glen’s Bar. Too tired for raunch/ the latest batch of 8mm raunch (1964+)


To do the sex act with or to; screw: just because she’s raunched a few law students (1970s+)

[back formation fr raunchy]


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