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[ree-akt] /riˈækt/

verb (used with object)
to or perform again.
[ree-akt] /riˈækt/
verb (used without object)
to act in response to an agent or influence:
How did the audience react to the speech?
to act reciprocally upon each other, as two things.
to act in a reverse direction or manner, especially so as to return to a prior condition.
to act in opposition, as against some force.
to respond to a stimulus in a particular manner:
reacting to a shock by jumping; to react to the word “coward” with anger.
to undergo a chemical .
(intransitive; foll by to, upon etc) (of a person or thing) to act in response to another person, a stimulus, etc, or (of two people or things) to act together in a certain way
(intransitive) foll by against. to act in an opposing or contrary manner
(intransitive) (physics) to exert an equal force in the opposite direction to an acting force
(chem) to undergo or cause to undergo a chemical reaction
(transitive) to act or perform again

1640s, “to exert, as a thing acted upon, an opposite action upon the agent,” from re- + act (v.). Chemical sense is from 1944. Related: Reacted; reacting (1610s). For sense development, see reaction. Meaning “perform again” (often re-act) is from 1650s.

react re·act (rē-ākt’)
v. re·act·ed, re·act·ing, re·acts


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