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[ree-uh-juhst] /ˌri əˈdʒʌst/

verb (used with object)
to again or anew; rearrange.
to adjust or adapt (oneself or something) again, esp after an initial failure


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  • Readjustment

    [ree-uh-juhst-muh nt] /ˌri əˈdʒʌst mənt/ noun 1. an act of or the state of being . 2. Finance. a rearrangement in the financial structure of a corporation, usually less drastic than a reorganization.

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    see: open book

  • Readme

    adjective See read-me

  • Read-me

    adjective pertaining to detailed documentation, credits, miscellaneous revision history, notes, etc. for a software program; also spelled readme Examples A readme file contains information about other files in a directory or archive and is very commonly distributed with computer software.

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