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Nancy Davis (Anne Francis Robbins Davis) born 1921, U.S. First Lady 1981–89 (wife of Ronald Reagan).
Ronald (Wilson) 1911–2004, 40th president of the U.S. 1981–89.
Contemporary Examples

In person, Reagan was a great deal like Obama, in his self-confidence and his equanimity under pressure.
Obama Is the New Reagan Jeffrey Hart November 3, 2008

Conservatives will be saying here, “Well, buddy, Reagan won the Cold War, what do you say to that?”
Conservatives on the Wrong Side of History on Mandela, Most Other Things Michael Tomasky December 9, 2013

“Dad had jeans that could stand up and deliver the State of the Union,” Reagan joked.
Ron Reagan Goes on Defense Eleanor Clift January 24, 2011

The Age of Reagan only really began seven months into his presidency, when he fired the air traffic controllers.
Obama’s Power Surge Peter Beinart March 27, 2010

Leave it to David Stockman, the acid-tongued former budget director for President Reagan, to make you feel even worse.
Reagan Budget Guru: Shut It Down! Lloyd Grove April 6, 2011

Historical Examples

After I sank the third time, Reagan got me by the hair and towed me to the ship.
The White Mice Richard Harding Davis

General Reagan said he had money enough to take him to Texas.
Robert Toombs Pleasant A. Stovall

He appears to have made good with Johnston the claim that he, Reagan, represented all that was left of the Confederate government.
Abraham Lincoln George Haven Putnam

Reagan was the first of the prisoners to read it, and he then handed it to Davis.
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 16, No. 95, September 1865 Various

“I’ll tell him, General Toombs,” Reagan cordially responded.
The Victim Thomas Dixon

Ronald. 1911–2004, US film actor and Republican statesman: Governor of California (1966–74): 40th president of the US (1981–89)

surname, from Irish riagan, literally “little king.” Reaganism first recorded 1966, in reference to policies of Ronald W. Reagan (1911-2004), U.S. governor of California 1967-75, U.S. president 1981-89.


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