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[ree-uh l, reel] /ˈri əl, ril/

property, especially in land:
three acres of real estate.
another term for real property


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  • Real-estate investment trust

    noun 1. an unincorporated trust created for the purpose of investing in real property or to extend credit to those engaged in construction. Abbreviation: REIT.

  • Realgar

    [ree-al-ger, -gahr] /riˈæl gər, -gɑr/ noun 1. arsenic disulfide, As 2 S 2 , found in nature as an orange-red mineral and also produced artificially: used in pyrotechnics. /rɪˈælɡə/ noun 1. a rare orange-red soft mineral consisting of arsenic sulphide in monoclinic crystalline form. It occurs in Utah and Romania and as a deposit from […]

  • Real gone

    adjective phrase Excellent; wonderful; cool, funky fresh: a real gone chick (1950s+ Students)

  • Real hack

    A crock. This is sometimes used affectionately; see hack. [Jargon File]

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