[sen-truh-lahyz] /ˈsɛn trəˌlaɪz/

verb (used with object), centralized, centralizing.
to draw to or gather about a .
to bring under one control, especially in government:
to centralize budgeting in one agency.
verb (used without object), centralized, centralizing.
to come together at or to form a center.
to draw or move (something) to or towards a centre
to bring or come under central control, esp governmental control

1795, “to bring to a center;” 1800, “come to a center,” from central + -ize, on model of French centraliser (1790). A word from the French Revolution. Related: Centralized; centralizing.

Government should have a central point throughout its whole periphery. The state of the monthly expences amounted to four hundred millions; but within these seven months, it is reduced to one hundred and eighty millions. Such is the effect of the centralization of government; and the more we centralize it, the more we shall find our expenses decrease. [Saint-Just, “Discourse on the State of the Finances”]

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